We make extraordinarily delicious

candy using real fruit.

Each one is packed full of vitamins and has absolutely no sugar and nothing artificial. In fact, you’ll be surprised just how good they are for you.

Our Story

Lou Lou’s began life at a supermarket checkout, with a mum being nagged for a treat. Just like a million mums before her, she was saying no and struggling to explain why. Someone should make sweets that are actually good for kids, she thought… and she could actually do something about it.

As an experienced food industry professional, Louise Carr-Smith (Lou Lou to her friends!) has spent much of her work life in development kitchens, creating brilliant new products. As a mum, she’s spent much of her home life trying to make sure her kids eat properly.

She decided to bring all this expertise together and got to work, devising her own recipes. They had to use the best ingredients, she decided. Real fruit, nothing artificial. Not only that, she wanted them to be really good for you. Most importantly of all, they had to be lip-smackingly, mind-blowingly delicious.

It wasn’t easy. But after several years of recipe tweaking, efficacy-testing and market research, Louise finally had her recipes and Lou Lou’s was born!  Every single one of our carefully crafted products is supercharged with goodness – a fully daily allowance of vitamin C – all without anything bad for your teeth.

Today Louise is on a mission to revolutionise confectionery, and make sure kids are getting the vitamins they need and protect their teeth. Because kids deserve the best. And parents deserve a break.

Our Range

Lou Lou’s Lollies

A lollipop for the 21st Century! Now selling across the UK and building sales much further afield. Watch out for our new flavours and stockists in 2024!

Lou Lou’s Fruit Drops

A welcome addition to our range, in six fantastic fruit flavours. Watch out for them in UK stockists in 2024!

Lou Lou’s Fruit Drops Flavours

Now available in 6 tasty flavours!







Tasty Flavours

Yummy fruit Candies that are surprisingly good for you. Made with allergen free natural flavourings and colours, every lollipop is naturally sweet, tooth friendly and contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.


Our strategy is entirely built on responsible sourcing.

As we keep innovating this remains central to our goals, as we move towards BCorp accreditation.


Our packaging is all cardboard based and recyclable, including our iconic retail display unit. No plastic trees here!

We will remain vigilant when choosing new packaging. For example, when compostable means safe for domestic composting, we'll look at that. A heads up, our lollipop wraps are not yet compostable but we will work on this and be transparent in our approach.

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